GTI today announced it has signed an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with CRI/Criterion Inc., for its IH2 technology, which converts biomass directly into cellulosic gasoline and diesel hydrocarbon blendstocks. This licensing agreement will expedite the realization of clean energy initiatives to increase energy supply and contribute towards regional mandates for renewable fuels.

GTI’s IH2 technology is an advanced pyrolysis technology which utilizes low pressure hydrogen together with a proprietary catalyst to remove virtually all of the oxygen present in the starting biomass. Compared to conventional pyrolysis processes this efficient, balanced approach optimizes the energy used to convert a range of non-food feedstocks into renewable transportation fuels or chemicals. As a result, the technology is highly flexible and is economical for both small- and large-scale applications.

"GTI is very pleased to have entered into this licensing agreement with CRI/Criterion to accelerate commercialization of this technology and to make it available to the marketplace," says Vann Bush, GTI Managing Director, Gasification and Gas Processing. "The IH2 technology produces high-quality, gasoline and diesel blendstock, meeting the transportation sector’s need for economical, renewable and sustainable fuels from cellulosic and other feedstocks. Our licensing agreement with CRI/Criterion should help accelerate deployment of the IH2 solution to interested parties in the market."

GTI has received funding support from the U.S. Department of Energy (EERE Office of Biomass Program) under the integrated biorefinery initiative. Participants in GTI’s project include Cargill, Johnston Timber, Aquaflow, Blue Marble Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Michigan Technological University.

About Gas Technology Institute (GTI)

GTI is a leading research, development and training organization that has been addressing the nation’s energy and environmental challenges by developing technology-based solutions for consumers, industry, and government for nearly 70 years. GTI has over 50 years of research and development (R&D) experience in the design, construction, and operation of thermochemical conversion systems for coal and biomass.

About CRI/Criterion Inc.

CRI/Criterion Inc., an international company headquartered in Houston, TX, supplies advanced catalysts, services, and technology solutions to the global refining, petrochemical and renewable fuel communities.